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The Nudists’ Bill of Rights Now on

Advocate n. One who supports or defends a cause.

The word Advocacy is at the beginning of AANR’s mission statement. AANR is working continuously to increase the social validity of nude recreation and protect your rights as a nudist. AANR is on your side to advocate for and assist you in time of need. The Nudists’ Bill of Rights was created to define your rights as a nudist.

Click here to read the Nudists’ Bill of Rights, then add your signature to show your support.

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One Response to The Nudists’ Bill of Rights Now on

  1. Tom Doyen says:

    On the nudist bill of rights, Are you trying to get a bill passed so that all of us nudist can be free to be nude on our own property without getting in trouble with the law or anyone else turning us in. If so how is it going? I see we have almost 2100 that have signed, I am one of them. I hope in it goes through.

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