Women In Nude Recreation: Empowering Seminars coming to a club near you.

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Women In Nude Recreation: Empowering Seminars coming to a club near you.

(Check the schedule below)

The WOW, Women and One Word, campaign was created to inspire and encourage women to love themselves, just the way they are. Trying to meet social media expectations is unrealistic and damaging to our well-being.

These empowering events could not happen without your help, Andee Rodgers, the WINR Chair is traveling the country to deliver seminars to women about the power of body positivity and self-love. All interested women are encouraged to attend these FREE events.

Every gift has an impact. You’re giving provides Women in Nude Recreation the ability to touch more women with the message of empowerment. This widely popular movement has struck a chord with nudists and textiles alike.

We have two easy ways to give. Just click on the link below. https://my.aanr.com/donate-now?reload=timezone

Just point your camera phone to the QR code wait until it loads and scroll down to find WINR Tour.


Andee Rodgers

Andee R

WINR Chair