Posted: June 26, 2024

AANR’s President-Elect is Linda Weber with 2210 votes.

Tim Mullins, current AANR Vice President, received 982 votes.

Linda will take office during the AANR Convention at Shangri La Resort in Arizona this August.


Outcome of Bylaw Amendments:

Bylaw Change 1 regarding President Qualifications passed with 92% (2780 votes) approval;

Bylaw Change 2 regarding Secretary / Treasurer Terms of Office passed with 86.8 (2624 votes) approval;

Bylaw Change 3 regarding Qualifications for Trustee passed with 85.9% (2587 votes) approval.


Other Officers and Trustees elected/re-elected to terms include:


Vice President – Patty Faber;

Secretary/Treasurer – David Levine;

AANR East Region Trustee – Sandra Cordell;

AANR Florida Region Trustee – Ralph Collinson;

AANR Midwest Region Trustee – Richard Quigley;

AANR Northwest Region Trustee – Margie Cantlon;

AANR West Region Trustee – Kathy Watzel;

AANR Western Canada Region Trustee – Bob Dixon.


AANR appreciates all who participated in choosing the Association’s leadership. We especially thank the membership department and Vote Now, the independent voter service used, which made this election possible.