According to one of the online dictionaries, the definition of convention is literally “A coming together, a meeting, or formal assembly, as of representatives or delegates, for discussion of and action on matters of common concern.” 
What it doesn’t mention is the friendship, fun, food, fun, sports, family, and did I mention the fun? We have just completed all of the regional conventions, as well as the annual membership meeting of our association. While there was business that needed to be conducted at each of these events, there was also plenty of fun and fellowship, the renewal of friendships, and the making of new friends. 
I attended my first WSA (AANR-West) convention in 1999. It was a new experience for me to be around all of these naked people doing serious work, all the while having a good time and enjoying the amenities of a beautiful club. Having been to my share of regional and AANR Conventions over the last 20 years, I have never been disappointed with the end results of those events. Fast friendships have been made and maintained over these many years. We join together with a common spirit – the enjoyment of being nude whenever possible. Some of us are involved in the politics and running our association, while others are just in it for the fun and sun. 
Fun – a centerpiece for much of what we do. We compete in sports events both serious and silly. We work to raise funds for our government affairs team to make sure that we have the resources available should we need them for a legal battle. This year our own GAT Chair, Tim Mullins, offered to shave off his mustache if we raised $5,000 during the silent and live auction. Bidding was fast and furious on some items to make sure that we reached, and even surpassed our target goal. True to his word, Tim shaved off his mustache.
Thank you Sun Meadow and all of your amazing volunteers for another wonderful convention. Everything was amazing; the food was phenomenal; there were activities galore, and the facilities are ever-improving.
 Thank you to all of the resorts that have hosted conventions, meetings, festivals, runs, and other events for us to attend. Thank you to all of the volunteers that have given themselves to make these events so fun and memorable. Thank you to all of the office staff for all you do to answer questions, field media inquiries, and making sure that we are able to continue promoting nude recreation and its benefits. I am grateful for the opportunities that I have been afforded by being involved with AANR and its many regions.
If you have never been to a convention or haven’t been to one in some time, start making your plans to go to Star Ranch in McDade, Texas August 10-16, 2020. You can reach them at (512) 273-2257,, or They look forward to showing you some good ole Texas hospitality. 


Taken from the AANR Monthly Bulletin, "Across the Board" brings information and thoughts from the Governing Board of AANR to you. The Board values your membership and wants to make sure that it is doing what is right for the members and clubs. The first step is good two-way communication.