Skinny-Dipping EH!

Skinny-Dipping EH!
Skinny-dipping in Western Canada is no different than anywhere else, except that our outdoor season is shorter, and potential sites might be fewer depending on the province you are in. Most of the Western Canada clubs hold indoor swims at city-operated  pools to help keep the members in touch through the off-season. These swims provide visitors the opportunity to experience skinny-dipping in a secure facility with no legal concerns. 
Outdoor skinny-dipping etiquette includes a few requirements that indoor or club activities don’t involve, especially if the area is not officially clothing-optional  or is shared with textile swimmers at opposite ends of a beach.
Make sure you are in the clothing-optional area and out of sight of any textile swimmers before undressing.
If you are with a group of people, ensure that everyone is okay with skinny-dipping before going or undressing, to avoid embarrassing anyone. It is preferable to be bare-assed rather than em-bare-assed.
Skinny-dipping at night under a full moon is very inviting but can be dangerous unless you know the area. Things appear different at night, and others can see better than you imagine with the additional moonlight.
Rivers and oceans can have stronger currents than expected or that can be seen. Even strong swimmers can get caught up and have to struggle back to safety. Know the waters before venturing in. Safety is always a priority whether skinny-dipping or textile swimming in oceans and rivers.
Keep the use of alcohol and legal drugs to a minimum. 
Leave the site as clean (or cleaner) than when you arrived. Sites left dirty will soon be off limits to everyone.
Western Canada outdoor skinny-dipping locations from west to east include but are not limited to the following. Please do your own research before visiting as this is an unofficial listing.
Skinny-dipping is something everyone should experience at least once in their life, whether at a club facility, winter swim, or outdoor location. Try it once and find yourself going back again. 
British Columbia
Florencia Bay
Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island
Thetis Lake
Victoria, Vancouver Island
Little Tribune Bay
Hornby Island, two ferry rides east of Vancouver Island
Barnston Island
Wreck Beach
Vancouver – The most famous beach in Western Canada
Crescent Rock Beach
South side of the river and south of the airport
Three Mile Beach
North of Penticton
Cedar Creek
Kelowna on east side of the lake
Nipple Point
Four kilometers (three miles) east of Canoe by Salmon Arm
CottonTail Corner
Devon / North Sask River by Edmonton
Edmonton Naturist Swim Club
Paradise Beach / Bare Ass Beach
SW of Saskatoon along South Sask River
(Textile users may have taken over this location)
Beaconia Beach
50 km (30 miles) north of Winnipeg on east side of the lake


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