World Naked Gardening Day

This year nudists and naturists all over the planet will celebrate the 14th anniversary of World Naked Gardening Day (WNGD) on the first Saturday in May. Begun as somewhat of a prank (streaking at your local botanical garden), it has grown like a proverbial infestation of weeds. 
By May, all the gardeners in the world are ready to plant something and how better to do this than in the buff. If you attended the AANR Convention at Oaklake Trails last year, you undoubtedly met my friend Patricia McLaughlan (known as “Garden Pat”) and you may have even gotten a tour of her beautiful greenhouse. When I thought about WNGD, I knew exactly who to reach out to for insight into naked gardeners! 
T: Pat, were you gardening in the nude before you realized that there was a special day devoted to the activity?
Pat: Oh, absolutely! It is just the most convenient way to garden. From the simple plants on the patio, to vegetables, and ornamentals in large yards, nudists have jumped into the joy of feeling the breeze on their skin. They have no clothing to hide ticks and other biting critters. And the laundry is done by simply stepping into the outdoor shower and washing all that potting soil from hands and knees. 
T: Do the plants have any objection to being around naked gardeners?
Pat: Absolutely not! In fact, I think they feel more natural when the gardener is natural, as well. Some of my favorite plants have names that will make any nudist smile. There are Naked Lady Bulbs, as well as Fanny’s Asters, and Buff Beauty Roses.
T: I know you have a greenhouse at your home, but do you help in landscaping Oaklake Trails? Do others help you, too?
Pat: Just as soon as it is warm enough to share plants with the club, I get folks interested in landscaping to help me. They express how much they enjoy the beautiful red periwinkles that are planted throughout the park. And, on the first Saturday of May, there is something unique about knowing that one is participating in a nude event that is happening all over the world.
Following my interview, I logged onto and found a wealth of information about gardening nude. On this website, I discovered that John Muir and Walt Whitman wrote about gardening nude. There is a great little poem entitled “Seasonal Interchange” by Michael Aitken. To paraphrase well-known naturist Mark Storey, “Get ready to tend to your portion of the world’s garden unclothed as nature intended.” So when you are through gardening nude, wash your hands and log onto this site for a wonderful virtual romp through the fields of spring wild flowers that pop out every May.

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