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Vritomartis Hotel & Bungalows

Vritomartis Hotel & Bungalows
Chora Sfakion 73011
Crete,  Greece, 

The Perfect Naturist Holiday

What makes the perfect naturist holiday?

Well clearly it depends on what you like to do for relaxation. Some climb mountains, some like to sail, some like to learn new skills and some simply like to soak up the sun. If like me, you’re a naturist then soaking up the sun completely ‘au naturel’ in wonderful surroundings is ‘The Perfect Naturist Holidays‘.
The location for perfect naturist holidays

Naturist Resort Vritomartis is in my view, the perfect place for that perfect naturist holiday. The resort is situated near the village of Chora Sfakion on the South coast of the beautiful island of Crete, and this region has one of the most spectacular coastal areas on the island. The Douroudakis family, who own the Naturist Resort Vritomartis, also run it as well, with family members being employed in various roles within the business. Nikos Douroudakis, the General Manager, told me, “The family take a great personal interest in every aspect of Naturist Resort Vritomartis, and because of this we believe that we have created a wonderful naturist holiday environment where our guests are relaxed and happy. We hope that our guests feel that staying at Vritomartis is like staying as part of the family”. Clearly they must be doing something right, because so many guests return time and time again. One has only to read the ‘Comments’ book to discover how many naturists love Naturist Resort Vritomartis, and do return many times. And guests come from all over the world – UK, Germany, Holland, Italy, Austria, Finland, Russia, Croatia, the USA and so many more. My wife and I have stayed at Vritomartis 5 times, and each time we return, it is as though we’ve never been away, it’s like our perfect naturist holiday. Whilst the family involvement is a major element of the resort’s success, this is combined with the excellent facilities and of course, the unremitting sunshine.

Activity – or rather the lack of it – is centered on the beautiful swimming pool. This is itself surrounded by a well-tended grass area with mature palm trees. Here the residents can relax on sun-loungers that are provided free of charge by Vritomartis. Most people get themselves settled for the day, read a book, soak up the sun, have a swim; read a book, soak up the sun, have a swim; read a book… well, you get the idea! You can disturb this “pattern of inactivity” by walking across to the pool bar where fresh food is cooked for you, accompanied by a cold beer, a fruit juice and a chilled glass of wine. The biggest challenge of the day then becomes what to choose from the menu! If you prefer to be by the sea, Naturist Resort Vritomartis has its own private beach just a 10 minute walk away, or a 2-minute ride in the resort’s minibus. The minibus also runs residents into the local town of Hora Sfakion, where shops and restaurants are ready and waiting.

Accommodations at Naturist Resort Vritomartis is on a half-board basis and is either in the main hotel complex or in individual bungalows around the grounds. All rooms have air-conditioning, WI-Fi and mini-fridges. I will tell you more in my next article but in the meantime, contact us to check availability and start planning your next ‘perfect naturist holidays’.