Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Articles About AANR

AANRs mission is to advocate nudity and nude recreation in appropriate settings, and educate and inform society of the value and enjoyment of such through on-going member growth. Consistent with that message, AANR regularly works with credentialed journalists to facilitate interviews and tours.

Here are some suggestions for making the most of a media contact with us:

  1. Review the AANR website to obtain information about the Association, its member clubs, and what we do.
  2. Download materials from our Online Press Kit . The Press Kit contains helpful background materials about our history, favorite sports, membership profile, and more.
  3. Review our Media Calendar to find an event in your area. If an event in your area is not listed, you may be interested in one of AANRs Story Ideas. Many in-person interviews related with these story ideas can be arranged at an AANR club.
  4. Please understand that the comfort and privacy of our members and guests is paramount to the Association and our clubs. There will be very stringent rules about photography and contact with patrons. You should review these with AANR and individual clubs on the telephone prior to your visit.
  5. After your story airs or is published, please plan to furnish a copy of your final article, program, or piece to AANR. Our Association appreciates the opportunity to recognize top works of journalism with awards each summer during our AANR and regional conventions.

AANR International Headquarters
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Mailing Address:
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