Posted: April 11, 2024

AANR Awards Season is Here!

Were you aware AANR had several awards given out each year at the convention? Yep, there are loads of plaques awarded each year and the deadline for award nominations for all categories is May 31.
I also want to let you know about two awards, brand new for 2024! First the Nudist Influencer Award. This award is given to the person with the best social media account supporting AANR’s mission and philosophy. The recipient may be an AANR member or non-member. This means if you know someone who is a big proponent of AANR and they show it proudly on their social media account, they could win! So, consider nominating that person. All you need to do is write a note, there is no official nomination form, and send it to the AANR office telling them who you are nominating for this award and why.
The next newest award we have is the AANR Social Media Award. This award is given to the AANR club, region, or business with the best social media presence. Social media is defined as “websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking”. Perhaps you follow a number of Twitter accounts, podcasts, or other social media outlets and one is just really doing a bang-up job of promoting nudism/naturism. Same as above, write a letter to the AANR office, and let them know who you are nominating and why. As for any nomination, the more you put in your nomination the better. Give us the details as to why you think these people should be awarded this award.
We also need nominations for Family, Woman, and Man of the Year. As well as nominations for all the public relations awards, there are lots of those. I cannot list all the awards here, but they are all listed along with their qualifications for nomination on the website. Just log in to your account and click the Documents tab and go down to Ruling Documents. Then click the Governance Manual and head to Section 8 which has the awards and their descriptions listed.
And the award goes to….

-Mitch London

AANR President

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