Posted: June 9, 2023
Nudist Family enjoy a beach day


Erich Schuttauf is a licensed, Florida attorney with 25 years of experience in state and federal courts. He received his BA from Purdue University and his Juris Doctor from Duke University School of Law. Erich is the author of two employment law guides, published by Commerce Clearing House (CCH). He has served as a Guardian Ad Litem and as an expert witness in cases involving nudist issues.

Imagine This: You are the parents of a nudist family. One morning the doorbell rings at your house and police are waiting to question you about a criminal complaint they’re investigating. It’s revealed that an acquaintance (a coworker) observed a framed innocent and tasteful picture taken during a social event at your favorite nudist club. Displayed, privately, in celebration of this moment you enjoyed together. As professionals, you have legal counsel that assists you with a variety of business issues but has never had to deal with a complaint about nudism.
What do you do? As AANR members, you call 1-800-879-6833 (1-800-TRY-NUDE).

That’s what led to the phone message I received and responded to nearly twenty years ago when then-AANR President Pat Brown suggested this course of action to a family in her region.

This week the AANR office and I received a drop-in visit from these folks we assisted back then. They stopped in to personally thank us for being the resource they could turn to and educate their counsel with significant case law and written material to guide their lawyer and quickly ensure they did not lose custody of their minor children. Eventually, what began as serious allegations were reduced to manageable “nuisance levels” avoiding long-term consequences.

Such critical service is what AANR provides week-week out. In fact, here’s a sampling of what came across our desks in a single week recently:

AANR was delighted to hear from a past National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) attendee of many years who wrote requesting a copy of the pin to be distributed at the 2023 conference. They were concerned that they may have to miss NCSL due to a previously scheduled legislative commitment but wanted to be sure to keep their AANR pin collection current. This is yet more evidence of the strong branding that AANR achieves as an organization deeply concerned with legislative policy affecting nudity in a way that instantly achieves recognition. During communications
with lawmakers across North America this year, many of these began with the line, “You may have met with us and received our pin(s) at NCSL…”

A family in the South encountered a challenge from an ex-spouse, who objected to their travels to a nudist resort. The family contacted us, reporting back within weeks that it appears the ex-spouse will be dropping their challenge after being presented with case law and other materials forwarded on from our office.

Speaking of family issues, Carolyn and I assisted a different family which has long brought their minor child(ren) to visit nude beaches and resorts. After a former spouse sent legal documents demanding that such visits cease, the family contacted AANR. We have provided information helpful to obtaining counsel with this matter, including board-certified attorneys.

We fielded a call from a club in the Midwest seeking guidance on the admittance forms, permissions, and procedures the club uses with visitors.

AANR fielded an inquiry from a club seeking additional information about the operation of various federal laws within a nudist environment.

AANR provided information about the strong dollar value of the nudist market to a developer seeking to promote a new potential nudist business/land project within the South.


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