Posted: September 27, 2021
Tim Mullins

Back To Normal? Almost!

By September, we have usually finished our travels away from the Sacramento area and are anxiously waiting to attend Nudestock at Laguna del Sol. This year, like last, all of that changed. Unlike last year, when most events were canceled, this year we have new puppies that are keeping us from attending the events that are now opened. I’m glad things are returning to normal for the clubs.
The Government Affairs Team members have been working throughout the year meeting with park supervisors and trying to keep the nude venues we have safe for our return. Now the annual events such as beach clean-ups and organized events on those public sites are billed as a return to normal.
Between drought conditions and fires in the west, we are finding we are not quite back to normal. Even as COVID restrictions are easing, the low rainfall has resulted in some spots still being off-limits. We have weathered COVID, and we can get through this, too. Clubs stepped up their efforts to provide events this summer that reflect our return to the land. In addition to the usual events, community support efforts help give the nudist community recognition for supporting our textile neighbors.
Community outreach through our participation normalizes the nudist community with the community at large. A good example of that is the efforts of past AANR-West President Gary Mussell in his participation in community groups such as the Chamber of Commerce in Carpinteria, California. Bates Beach in Carpinteria has returned as a nudist venue thanks to the work of the group Gary helped organize, The Friends of Bates Beach.
In Hawai`i, a new group is resurrecting Friends of Little Beach, although that effort is going to be a marathon based on the actions of the Hawai`i Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) and their efforts to ban nudity statewide. All of us should be supporting all local groups and their efforts any way we can whether by contributing to their effort monetarily or with actions when requested. I’m optimistic our efforts will pay off going forward.

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