Posted: July 5, 2024






 This July, enjoy your own personal “Independence Day” by joining the 46th Annual Nude Recreation Week events at resorts/RV parks and campgrounds affiliated with the American Association for Nude Recreation. Swimming, canoeing, pickleball and tennis are just a few of the amenities to enjoy au natural as you venture on a wholesome, liberating journey from self-conscious to self-confident.

Want to know where to go?  Click on the AANR Club Locator to find a facility near you or in a location you’ve longed to visit:  You’ll most likely need an advance reservation, so plan ahead.

NRW will be celebrated July 8-14, 2024, with organized activities at nudist resorts and by free-spirited naturists in the comfort of their own home/pool or at designated clothing-optional beaches. One highlight of the festivities is International Skinny Dip Day, observed on July 13 when AANR encourages a visit to a sanctioned clothing-optional beach or private lake/pool.

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