Posted: June 3, 2022

Those of us who enjoy being social nudists do so for many reasons:  relaxation, enhanced self esteem and body image, interaction with like minded friendly people, a sense of freedom, a spiritual connection to the earth or a deity and many other benefits.  With all of these positive aspects, why do so many people hide their naturism and experience fear of being discovered?  The answer lies in the misconceptions that some of society has and within this population are people in position to make judgments, censure and impose punitive actions against employees who are nudists or naturists.  These decision makers come from educational administration, school counseling and psychology, parent-teacher and school committee groups, human resource departments, religious institutions, public service, law enforcement, legislators and management from other general businesses.

As members, we know that AANR has continuously set family friendly behavioral standards as a condition for affiliation and our clubs ensure an environment that is wholesome and safe.  Our membership is diverse: city, state and federal workers; salespersons, secretaries, transportation workers; nurses and doctors; multidenominational clergy and religious; and of particular importance, teachers and many more who work with children. However, promoting nudism acceptability among the decision makers in the external work world remains a great challenge. We need to overcome this challenge so that it is not only safe for all employees to reveal they are nudists or naturists, but that also allows them to be open and honest about their wholesome way of life.  We especially need to advocate for those who work with children or who choose to raise their children as nudists.

Here is where YOU come in.  AANR needs you to change the status quo. Within the diverse membership of AANR is a vast treasure trove of talent. AANR needs volunteers who are willing and able to write about the impact of nudism stereotyping on job security in their respective fields, and to submit these articles to professional journals or trade magazines.  If you are willing to write something, or have an idea but would like assistance writing or editing an article, help is available.  If you feel that a key journal or magazine would reach important decision makers, please send me these suggestions.  Hopefully, there will be a match between a writer and a publication.  And if you have other creative ideas that will positively influence public opinion, we’re interested.  Just contact me at: Or join our new AANR Online Meet & Greets at and share your ideas.  Let’s get the word out…nudists should have nothing to hide!

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