Posted: February 16, 2023

Create your own Nudists Meetup Group!

You are a nudists, and you want to hang out with other nudists. You live in
an area where there are no nude beaches or no nude resorts. What do you

You go to and create a Nudist interest group.
In their own words,
“ Meetup creates possibilities”
“Meetup is a platform for finding and building local communities. People use Meetup to meet
new people, learn new things, find support, get out of their comfort zones, and pursue their
passions, together.”

Meetup is an extraordinary platform for interests groups of all sorts. You
may find everything from kayak groups to wine tasting groups, and yes
Nudist groups. Registering for meetup is easy and free. Do your own
registration, create a profile and fill out your interests. You can hide your
interests from other Meetup members while belonging to as many groups
as you want. Only folks within your group can see that you are in the group.
This is perfect for nudists that want to remain discrete about their lifestyle.
Then, do a search for nudists or naturists in your immediate area. You
might be surprised to find that there is a group in your area and thriving!
Ok, so your search did NOT find anything in your local area. I did not find a
Meetup group in the Jacksonville area when I did my search. Other than
another nudist group, not on Meetup, that was not taking new
memberships, there was nothing in town. I wanted to meet other nudists so
we could get together, share rides to the beach, and socialize with folks
who have the same interests and lifestyle as my wife and I. So, I created
my own group. We named it First Coast Naturists, after the Florida tourist
area designation, similar to the Treasure coast, Space Coast, Gold Coast
names given to different regions of Florida.
Within a month, we had 30 members. We have had to make some vetting
rules along the line, to ensure that the members in our group are true
nudists and we can filter out the the wanna- bees or voyeurs, or folks
joining for all the wrong reasons. We decided early on that we want to be a

very inclusive group, welcoming all shapes , all sizes, all races, all creeds.
We want everyone to feel welcome here. We are a private group, but we
adhere to the thought that everyone matters and every nudist matters! We
do insist that our new members are nudists and are serious about it. We
vett single and solo members by requiring them to meet us, clothes on, at
one of our social gatherings (a meetup) before we accept their
membership. If they take the time to show up, we feel they are probably
serious. We’ve had great luck with new members and problems with
anyone have been rare. We have had to exile couples and single when
there have been problems. But our problems have been very rare in the
last 7 years.
The following is a short scenario of how easy it is to create your new group.



Creating a group is easy! “start a new group”

What's your new Meetup Group's hometown?
Step 2 of 4
What will your Meetup be about?

List of topics to select

Example: Nudist camping
 Jacksonville, FL
Step 3 of 4
What will your Meetup's name be? Name your Group!
example fir
Describe who should join, and what your Meetup will do.
Want some inspiration? Check out this example.

Example: “This is a group for anyone interested in hiking, rock climbing,
camping, kayaking, bouldering, etc. All skill levels are welcome. I started
this group to meet other outdoor enthusiasts. Looking forward to exploring
the outdoors with everybody.”
Meetup allows a Group leader “organizer” to posts events. Folks who plan
on going to the events commit to the events by adding their RSVP. That
enables the organizers to know how many folks to plan for. For venues
which are space limited, (like private homes), RSVP management allows
the group to limit attendance. Luckily, we’ve never had to keep anyone out
of an event, as our host are very accommodating. But, they could if they
needed to.

Currently Meetup costs a group about $200 a year to keep a group online
for your members. So, dues can be kept very inexpensive for your
members while ensuring that only those who are really serious are in your
group. We offer free membership the first year and then a nominal dues
fee after that.



We are in our 10 th year of our organization and we have about 255
members. Meetup makes it very easy to manage an interest group, and it’s
Ideal for nudists or naturists
If you would like to create your group and have questions, feel free to call
me at 904-887-8123 text is ok, or email me at and I’ll
help you get started.

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