Posted: February 14, 2024

Okay, there is no toaster, but that does not mean you get nothing when you join AANR. Membership in AANR is a gateway to meeting new and like-minded people interested in the clothes-free way of living. You can read the monthly newsletter and see lots of great places to visit on your next nude excursion. There are the regional conventions and the national conventions that offer a lot of fun activities for people to enjoy.
One reason I joined AANR was I got to see the world of nudism at my fingertips. The newsletter brought a wide variety of places I could travel to and enjoy nude recreation. Some close by, others, several states away, and even other countries. I found I enjoyed being a member so much that I helped our local club recruit new members. Not long after that I was on the board and then I found the regional conventions.
A few years later, I found I was President of the organization I had only heard about a decade or so before. Now that I have been a member for over 13 years, I have so many more reasons to continue being a member, like the advocacy that AANR does, and the defending of the rights of its members, and the great newsletter that lets me see what is going on in the world of nudism each month.
I have come to really appreciate how much AANR does; we truly have a pool of talented people, many of whom volunteer their time both at the club level and on up to the AANR Board of Trustees. AANR thrives on its members being involved and I want AANR to be around for years to come – and that’s why I am proud to be a member.


Mitch London

AANR President

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