Posted: February 22, 2021

GAT Chair

Happy Nude Year!

Welcome, 2021! The Government Affairs Team (GAT) is ready to accept the challenges of the New Year’s bills to be presented in legislatures across the country. Everyone is wary of the election process members endured in 2020. Now, it’s time to renew contacts with the elected leaders. GAT works to keep negative legislation out of introduced bills, and GAT sets the goal of getting more access to public lands and a greater acceptance of nudists.

AANR Government Lobbying Efforts for Nude Recreation

Nude Rec Week

AANR and the Government Affairs Team (GAT) continue to hear troubling reports out of Hawai`i on the crackdown on the nude-use of Hawai`ian beaches. As I mentioned in a previous column and the weekly updates, GAT is supporting the efforts of the new Friends of Little Beach (FOLB) and for defense for those ticketed for simple nudity at the beach.

Protect the Beaches

The primary person who seems to be driving this crackdown is the Hawai`i Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) Parks Division Administrator Curt A. Cottrell, with the assistance of Maui District Superintendent Larry J. Pacheco. Their reasoning for the crackdown, which is suspect at best, can be seen in the May 20, 2021.
It’s clear from their statements that DLNR wants to change the make-up of Little Beach. Their rationale is flawed. Little Beach has a long tradition of nude-use, and, until Western culture invaded the islands, nudity was common. Their immediate actions under the color of COVID-19 action are more on using the drum circles, drunkenness, and after-hours partying as an excuse to crack down on nudity.
It appears the real problem is the same one nudists face on many beaches – users who do not respect the land. The trash and damage to natural lands is something nudists should be fighting in conjunction with DLNR. The goal is to protect the pristine nature of Little Beach. Until there is a change in the attitude of the administrators at the DLNR, GAT will not be able to work with them to keep Little Beach nude. Instead, nudists find themselves fighting to protect legitimate use while being lumped in with those who do not respect the beauty of the area. The AANR office and GAT are working to support nude-use across Hawaii as these crackdowns are spreading.
So what can nudists do? Nudists can support the efforts of the local organizers, who are trying to work with DLNR and Hawai`i state representatives to point out the value of Little Beach and the other islands’ traditional nude-use areas as nudist tourist attractions. Hawai`i needs tourist dollars. Local efforts focused on showing the economic impact of losing that nude resource is key, as it was in the South Florida Free Beaches (SFFB) effort that brought nudists Haulover Beach. Members of SFFB have been providing information to FOLB to assist them in their efforts. As GAT learns what they need in terms of direct or indirect support, it will be shared here and in the other AANR media updates.

More Places to Go Nude

I feel privileged to have such hard-working volunteers on the team. GAT appreciates the assistance of members using the GAT action button on the website to alert the team to a local item of concern. Over the years, GAT has taken action from Washington to Florida based on those early alerts from members who provided the first notice of a local action that led to or could have led to restrictions that impacted nudists.

More Public Lands

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