Posted: November 12, 2023

How to Join an AANR Committee

Ronna E Krozy, AANR PR Chair
Linda Weber, AANR West Director

A recent Reddit/nudism chat was led by AANR President Mitch London with several AANR leaders.
This AMA (Ask Me Anything) was a great opportunity to address questions and concerns as well as
collect participants’ ideas.

Among many good suggestions, one person identifying as a very recent
member, asked how one could join a committee and was there any specific place with this information. It
was very exciting hearing that a new member was interested in contributing to AANR and equally
enlightening that this useful information was not available. AANR and its regions are always seeking
individuals willing to become more personally involved and to make their vision known for AANR’s
continued success.

Thus, as a result of this inquiry, this article will provide an overview of how to
become a member of an AANR Committee. It has been submitted, in addition to the Bulletin, for display
on the AANR website and other relevant social media, in hopes of motivating others to join us .

The first step is to be certain of which region you are in…especially if you are a Direct Member and
unaffiliated through a club. This information appears on your membership card. Then, reach out to your
regional president, expressing your desire to serve on a committee. You can ask about the leadership
structure and which committees exist and their functions. Besides a regional governing Board, Secretary
and Treasurer, there will be committees that address public relations, brand management, marketing,
social media, membership, finances, legislation, political action, young adult, youth and WINR. There
may be various subcommittees or ad hoc committees, formed for a special purpose. Given that each
region is autonomous, committees might be structured or titled differently.

Once you make your inquiry, the region president or assigned person will be interested in knowing
something about you. For example, what are your experiences as a naturist or nudist, your interests or
skills that you would be contributing, the amount of time you could dedicate to a committee and any ideas
or actions you might like to see AANR take. As long as you are an AANR member in good standing, you
can be assured that your offer will be most appreciated and there will be a place for you.

Last, the benefits of joining a committee are multiple. You will be able to take part in the direction of the
organization, your ideas will be welcomed, you will get to know the leadership and you will begin to
understand the ‘workings’ of the organization including the challenges they have confronted and the
successes they have achieved. As a committee member, you will begin acquiring the time and experience
preparing you for a future leadership position which could be a regional official, an AANR Board of
Trustee Member or even an AANR President. Importantly, you will see first-hand how AANR advocates
for naturists, nudists and the nudist culture. And when someone asks you what does AANR do for us,
the answer will be, “WE are AANR.”

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