Posted: July 13, 2023

This month we are celebrating our non-landed clubs. I joined AANR before I knew there were differences in memberships between landed and non-landed; my wife and I joined as individuals in 1994 directly with ASA. Before AANR there was the American Sunbathing Association, ASA, but as we moved toward the new millennium, we changed our name in 1995 to the American Association for Nude Recreation. Actions speak louder than loungers, and a lot of us were hiking, camping, swimming, and doing other activities. The name change reflects that reality.

While public lands are nice, we couldn’t always be active nude in places where we weren’t worried we might be in violation of some local laws. It wasn’t as easy to research local places to hang out nude back then. We found the landed clubs and through The Bulletin we found out about travel clubs.

We were lucky to be living in Sacramento by then and found two local travel clubs who did a lot of activities together. Members open their homes to swims, potlucks, theme parties, and game nights. As a group we would venture out to local spots that members had visited for years without interference with nude use.

We still belong to Northern California Exposure, an AANR Affiliated club, and River Dippers with a TNS affiliation. We co-sponsor nude swims at area indoor swim clubs during the colder months and have partnered in the past with a local landed club for group events that allow our members to visit the resort for reduced use fees and enjoy the experience of a clothes-free resort.

The non-landed clubs offer a judgment-free opportunity to newbies who want to try nude wholesome activities with like-minded people. The house parties in private homes are many times the first time that people interact with others in a social clothes-free environment. It’s not often we have someone who accepts an invitation to join the party who doesn’t find nudists to be warm, welcoming, safe, friendly people.

The local clubs are the backbone of non-threatening introductions to nude recreation for many who can’t find a safe spot on public lands or afford a membership at a landed club.

  • Tim Mullens, GAT Chair & AANR Vice President

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