Posted: July 13, 2021

July means Canada Day and the Fourth of July. It brings people out to the places
they love the most, gathering with friends and relatives, cookouts, and escaping
from the usual. 2021 should be a great year as the vaccination rates increase and
people venture out. AANR members and clubs are reporting high interest, as nudists
renew their love of the outdoors.

There is still work to do to reclaim some nudist sites. The actions being taken in Hawai`i
to restrict use will mean nudists, who have already spent a year away from their
favorite spots, need a new willingness to fight to make sure these long-established
spots reopen to nude use. Friends of Little Beach is reforming on Maui, and now local
nudists are organizing on the Big Island after a crackdown there. Earlier this year,
requests were sent out for public feedback on a few venues across the continent.
The comments received on wanting nude use help keep nudists’ interests in the
mind of those who make regulations.

Florida had hoped for bills allowing for more clothes-free beaches from the last
legislative session, but that didn’t happen, so now there is a new front opening. Our
Florida lobbyist is urging more emphasis on the bureaucratic changes that can be
made rather than wait for laws to be changed. The experience of South Florida Free
Beaches efforts to have Haulover recognized is the model being encouraged in
other areas.

This is a renewal of spirit for nudists who follow government affairs. More people are
asking how they can impact the availability of nude use areas. Some ways to do this
are writing legislators, signing those petitions for restoring nude use, and helping
leaders who support nudists’ access get elected.

For now, venture out and enjoy the freedom of the nudist venues.

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