Posted: January 31, 2024


  1. I support ByLaw Change 1; I do not support ByLaw Change 2. However, I recommend the Secretary/Treasurer term of office be 4 years and that 2 audits during this tenure take place: I do not support ByLaw Change 3. Official experience at the Region level should remain in place and as a quailification for AANR Board or AANR Board of Trestee positions. By maintaining this requirement it may foster interest in official participation at said Region before any aspirations for higher AANR office.

  2. In some ways, these proposed changes can be viewed as nuances of the (any) organization. So, as long as AANR has historically been comfortable with how it has been managed, I find no significant issue with these amendments. I agree that periodic audits can also expose areas of concern. Additionally, is the pool of ‘qualified candidate officials’ deep enough to have ready replacements should the need be there despite these proposed changes?

  3. I am in favor of the amendments but would point out that the elimination of SecretaryTreasurer term limits makes oversight of the organizations financials a bit more important. Not suggesting there is a problem within AANR but another good practice is periodic auditor changes to assure strong financial practices are kept in place. A long tenured SecretaryTreasurer could perpetuate poor practices that could go unnoticed without checks and balances.

  4. I support all three proposals; they are what I have experienced in all well-run organizations. The change in Secretary/Treasurer is particularly important. It can be a steep learning curve to do the work required of this position. There are audit procedures in place to ensure the incumbent does not take advantage of the office for their own benefit.

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