Posted: January 17, 2024

February is an election year. Back in December, the Government Affairs Team (GAT) saw an increase in bill prefiling in states that allow that; now we see what the rest of the states are doing. All signs point to a banner year for bills nudists need to fight.

The Government Affairs Team ended up hiring lobbyists to fight in some of the more critical battles in late 2023; now GAT needs to replenish our funds for the battles sure to come this year. A GAT fundraiser was just finalized that offered a balcony room on the Big Nude Boat as the prize. Thanks to Nancy Solvin and the Bare Necessities Crew for the generous donation to the cause.

Volunteer team members also deserve a big Thank You for their ongoing efforts. In-person team members and everyday nudists armed with talking points are an effective tool when public testimony is requested. Emails and texts received from members to comment on proposed legislation is important. Many times it is the quantity of responses that gets the attention of lawmakers. Where members live is also important. When GAT was fighting in Seattle for nude use, the need for Washington members, and specifically Seattle members to get their comments on the record would make a difference. GAT cares about laws everywhere and it is great having members in each locale when these challenges arise.

GAT is fortunate to have so many people who rise to the occasion when the calls go out for action. Our friends who are not AANR members are also important. Fellow nudists who show up, or write, or email add to the numbers. Imagine if they were members and their dues were helping us pay for the ongoing costs of due diligence in scouting out these challenges.

It’s you, the AANR members, who make this happen. Your forwarding information to us of your concerns, as well as the bill analysis software GAT uses to find these bills, are important to protecting nudists’ nude use areas. I’m looking forward to a busy year ahead as we see what new legislation awaits the nudist communities.


Tim Mullins

AANR Government Affairs Chair

AANR Vice President

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