Posted: July 14, 2022

Volunteers are the backbone of AANR. AANR doesn’t have a large paid staff to research laws and review challenges to nude use. Your Government Affairs Team (GAT) are all volunteers. AANR and GAT use the dues money that gets budgeted each year to hire a bill research company that does the leg work of finding bills at state and national levels that impact nude use.
Local municipalities write statutes and regulations that impact nudists as well. It is only through the grassroots efforts of fellow nudists that GAT hears about these. The team has Google search terms they view daily for such actions that affect nudists locally.
There is a GAT notice you can access on the website to initiate a request for the team to review a local action. Many GAT successes in getting local action all stem from being notified by you. Yes, it’s the dedicated fellow AANR members – the ones who hear of the proposed ordinances and get the facts to us to try and head them off before they become a problem – that make GAT effective.
AANR-Northwest has many times stopped actions because they have so many activists who have taken the time to alert the team to these activities. Other regions have done the same. Your GAT team is made up of your fellow nudists who take the time to help preserve your nudist locales.
Right now at Little Beach on Maui, Hawaii, GAT is struggling to find locals who can help the Friends of Little Beach protect the nude use at that venue. Little Beach is known worldwide as a nude-friendly locale. Yet, local officials are pushing their own agenda of blocking nude use. The local struggle requires local participation. This is the same in your community. If nude use at a well-known place like Little Beach can be suppressed by local officials without a strong volunteer effort to counter it, then it can happen to your favorite spots too. If you are on Maui, I urge you to contact the Friends of Little Beach at Be a volunteer wherever you are and protect your nude resources.

Tim Mullens

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