Posted: January 31, 2023


Enjoying Naturist Pursuits Crosses Varied Demographic Boundaries

KISSIMMEE, Fla. (Jan. 31, 2023) — The American Association for Nude Recreation ( is about to shatter your preconceived notion about North American nudists.  Granted, many are mostly white Boomers/Seniors who freely first dipped their toe in the skinny dip pool during the 1960s summers of love.  But there are growing demographics that just might strip you of some misconceptions.

Thanks to the Black Naturists Association (BNA) there’s also a growing number of GenX, GenY and Millennial African American free-spirits who dare to bare it all at nudist Clubs and Resorts. Many BNA members visit AANR clubs and are joining AANR as well; as currently the BNA is a travel club, meaning they do not represent a landed club facility, rather their members take group trips to various locales.

According to an October 2018 Essence Magazine article, the BNA has nearly 3,000 followers on Facebook alone monitoring naturist getaway opportunities.  Black Naturists Association members advocate nudity through naturist environments and activities, in order to help promote healthy body image and self-esteem for those in the Black community — as do their white and Hispanic counterparts among their fellow nudists. In fact, Hispanic members, though not the largest ethnic group among nudists, have the strongest retention numbers among AANR membership.

Also, BNA members, as those in AANR, are keen to endorse nudist vacations, known as Nakations℠, as a journey to see oneself in anew light, facilitating a personal transformation with the reward of renewed self assurance. Besides body acceptance and personal freedom, non-sexualized nude recreation and Nakationing achieves added relaxation, self-respect, stress-reduction and acceptance of others for who they are.  When the clothes are shed, so too are the stresses of every day life.  No one at a nudist resort judges others based on their exterior, not whether they are blue collar or white collar, for there’s no collar shown.  As the BNA declared in the Essence article, nude recreation is “liberating, empowering and life-changing!”

If you are interested in compelling interviews with AANR members from diverse backgrounds, income brackets and geographic areas who have come to the realization that there are no right or wrong, good or bad – just different – bodies, that they can take personal pride, pleasure and health benefits from, please feel free to contact me. We can also arrange for you to receive tasteful jpeg images and video.

I thank you for your consideration of this editorial subject matter on behalf of the American Association of Nude Recreation.

For more info on BNA please visit:

About AANR: For over 90 years, AANR has been the leading authority in North America on protecting the freedoms and rights of those who participate in wholesome, family-style nude recreation. Members of AANR believe that life is enhanced by the naturalness of social nudity and encourages Nakation℠ vacations as healthy, eco-friendly transformational travel experiences. From exercise to relaxation, a person’s physical, spiritual, and mental well-being is enriched through nude recreation. AANR supports over 180 chartered clubs, resorts, and campgrounds (and growing), and serves more than 30,000 members and 52 million individuals throughout the U.S., Canada, and internationally. For more information about AANR and for facts related to nude recreation, visit or call 1-800-TRY-NUDE (879-6833). To receive information on upcoming news and events, sign up for our newsletter here.



Mary Jane Kolassa, AANR Public Relations Consultant


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