Posted: January 23, 2023

As you welcome in the month of February, make an extra effort to say hello to your friends. The month of February is Friendship month. The origin and designation of this observation is unclear, but the intention is not. International Friendship Month honors the necessity of friendships in our lives.
For children, studies show that just one good friend helps to prevent bullying and increase self confidence in a child. As we become adults, friends help to prevent illness. Studies have shown that maintaining positive social connections plays a key role in overall health, just as a nutritious diet and regular exercise influence long-term health. Those who lack social connections are at greater risk of experiencing depression and cognitive decline.
As we grow older, it sometimes becomes difficult to maintain connections with others. Life gets busy; caring for family members and job responsibilities may take priority. Friendships can also be affected by a job change, relocation, retirement, or a medical problem. It’s important to recognize that change is inevitable and, as such, strive to maintain existing friendships and build new connections as well.
AANR membership is one way to create a bridge to maintaining friendships and creating new ones. Once you become a member and begin participating in activities with nudists, be it at a home, a venue, or club, you will create friendships that will last a lifetime. Some of our deepest and longest lasting friendships are with our nudist friends. As nudists, we look for places to visit where we can take our clothes off and quickly learn how easy it is to make new friends wherever we visit. Who knows why, but nudists in general are very friendly and want to keep in touch. We all know nudist friends who annually meet with other nudist friends at a favorite spot. Many AANR members have stated that being a member has saved their health and added many years to their life. Being with like-minded friends has rejuvenated their spirit and body.
So, in February, make a simple phone call or send a handwritten note in the mail and brighten someone’s day, adding to your friendship. Better yet, plan to get together and spend time with your friends. It will recharge you all.

-Kathy Watzel

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