Posted: February 27, 2023
Linda Weber Nudist

There are many choices available to us women in this life – but when it comes to your body, there are only two:
Accept it
Or don’t.

You see, if you choose to accept your body, you will soon start to love it, admire it, look after it. These things all follow in the wake of your acceptance.

When you realize that this vessel for your soul, for your spirit, is an instrument of such high design and fine-tuning that it boggles the mind to even think about, you will enter into a phase which I like to call ‘peace, at last.
You will care nothing of spare fat, grey hairs, loose skin.

You will realize, eventually, that the body’s purpose is not to look good, to attract friends, partners, successes – that it is, in fact, your spirit which does all of those things.

If you would only allow it to shine through and work its magic.
Your body, my friends, has but one job, to see you safely through this adventure of life, to allow your spirit to reach its potential.
That is it.

If you are on the path of not accepting your body – you are in for a very long battle – against an enemy, you have no power to defeat. Nature, time, biology, fate…

You don’t have the weapons to fight those powers.
Wave the white flag.
Give in.

It is then that your life will truly begin.


Donna Ashworth Words


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