Posted: July 6, 2022


Okay, the title of this article reads a bit like “click bait,” and in some ways it is.  The fact is, the ticket depicted does NOT contain the winning numbers for the June 25, 2022 drawing of Powerball.   Nevertheless, the ticket is extremely valuable.  And Lucky.  Here’s why.

I purchased this ticket at White Tail Resort in Ivor, Virginia during the 2022 Convention of the AANR East region.  The reason it is so lucky—and special—comes down to mainstreaming.  Every week, millions of people purchase lotto tickets at their local convenience store or gas station.  The difference with this ticket is that a person can purchase theirs in the nude.  This is exactly the type of accommodation available to nudists that having, for example, a walk in bakery at Cap D’Adge France would offer a guest.  Or an ATM machine.  When one can enjoy these services, it puts them on a more even playing field.

So, kudos to White Tail Resort on achieving this milestone by bringing another piece of everyday, normal life, to the Resort’s visitors.

There are many, many things that AANR members can do to help mainstream nudism in today’s world.  A very good starting point is to join or renew membership in AANR.  This adds your voice to tens of thousands of other members in presenting nude recreation to travel writers, to the business community, to state legislators, the courts, and other outlets.  What’s more, AANR speaks for those who can’t due to job considerations or other aspects of their lives right now.  You can add to that voice with even a modest donation to the Government Affairs Team (GAT) effort.

Another idea is to leave a small note or business card for the server in the restaurant, or the gas station attendant, in that business  you visit on a trip.  AANR carries cards announcing “Congratulations!  You’ve just done business with a nudist.”  BE SURE TO TIP WELL—and fairly when taking this step! “Nudist and I Vote!” pin-on buttons and bumper stickers help too.

Every step taken to mainstream nude recreation with a positive, helpful, message means nudism gets one step closer to hitting the “jackpot.”

– Erich Schuttauf Executive Director

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