Posted: March 16, 2022

Paul LeValley

Each book costs $15, and can be ordered at

They make great gifts, but if you only want to read them yourself, be aware they will be reprinted in the bigger book, Naturist Writings of Paul LeValley, Including Movie Reviews, which is coming soon.

There are not many books for nudist children, and those few tend to be for the very young. Paul LeValley has written two short books for older children:
         A Visit to Athens, Sparta, and Olympia is for ages 10 through adult. The year is 448 BCE. A Spartan family visits Athens while the fathers negotiate a peace agreement between the two cities.
One Boy’s Adventure in the South Seas takes place on a cannibal island in the south Pacific during the age of exploration 1796-97. Centuries earlier, the men had pretty much killed each other off, so the women took over.

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