Posted: August 28, 2023


I am proud to announce that your GAT team just completed the report for the annual convention. It runs 28 pages and is available in the members area of the website for those that are interested in what GAT does for you year-round. As you’ll see, the team has been busy protecting against incursions on our nudist way of life. Please help us in spreading the word of what your GAT team does for you.
AANR’s GAT team is here for you. We have reviewed literally hundreds of bills from every state and province in the U.S. and Canada to stay alert on what your legislators are trying to author on your behalf. We need you involved locally so when bills are introduced, we can contact your legislators with local constituents to voice our support or opposition to bills.
Lately it seems nudists have been under attack along with other groups politicians seen as fringe or alternative lifestyle advocates. We have partnered with other groups like World Naked Bike Rides (WNBR) across the continent and Free The Nipple efforts to voice our support for their efforts to normalize nudity.
AANR-West sponsors booths, or provides other monetary support for community events or WNBRs within their region. The annual California Parks and Recreation Show (CPRS) moves throughout California each year and GAT and AANR-West have participated for so long we are known for our support of public lands, and advocating for expanding nude use of those lands. Our long-term effort has paid off since those lower-level employees who were there talking to us 20 years ago have moved up in their respective organizations and know we are responsible stewards of public land.
The other regions also support local efforts within their area. These vary by region and the political atmosphere within each state. This year’s political climate in various states has made this a challenge, knowing when we can provide support and when we need to hold back. That challenge is ongoing as we move into the 2024 political campaigns. We will continue our effort to advocate that nudity is normal in life and simply having an unclothed body is not an invitation to sexual activity. AANR is committed to keeping nudity family-friendly wherever our members congregate.

-Tim Mullins

GAT president

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